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HTML <strong> tag

The HTML <strong> element indicates that its contents have strong importance, seriousness, or urgency. Browsers typically render the contents in bold type.

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Typically this element is displayed in bold type. However, it should not be used simply to apply bold styling; use the <b> element or CSS font-weight property for that purpose.

<b> vs <strong>

New developers are often confused at seeing multiple elements that produce similar results. <b> and <strong> are a common example, since they both render the contents in bold type. What's the difference? Which should you use?

By default, the visual result is the same. However, the semantic meaning is different.

The <strong> element is for content that is of greater importance, while the <b> element is used to draw attention to text without indicating that it's more important.

Browser compatibility

The <strong> element is fully supported by all browsers:

<strong> yes yes yes yes yes

Standard Attributes

The <strong> tag does not support any standard attributes. See HTML Standard Attributes Reference

Global Attributes

The <strong> tag supports the global attributes described in HTML Global Attributes Reference

Event Attributes

The <strong> tag supports the event attributes described in HTML Events Reference

Last updated: Monday 01 Oct, 2018