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HTML <applet> tag (Not Supported in HTML5)

The HTML Applet Element (<applet>) embeds a Java applet into the document.

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This element has been removed in HTML5 and shouldn't be used anymore. Instead you should use the <embed> or <object> element.

Browser compatibility

<applet> not supported yes not supported not supported yes


The following table shows the attributes that are specific to the <applet> tag:

Attribute Value Description
This attribute is used to position the applet on the page relative to content that might flow around it
alt string This attribute causes a descriptive text alternate to be displayed on browsers that do not support Java
archive URL This attribute refers to an archived or compressed version of the applet and its associated class files, which might help reduce download time
code URL (Required) This attribute specifies the URL of the applet's class file to be loaded and executed. Applet filenames are identified by a .class filename extension
codebase URL This attribute gives the absolute or relative URL of the directory where applets' .class files referenced by the code attribute are stored
height pixels This attribute specifies the height, in pixels, that the applet needs
hspace pixels This attribute specifies additional horizontal space, in pixels, to be reserved on either side of the applet
name name This attribute assigns a name to the applet so that it can be identified by other resources; particularly scripts
object URL This attribute specifies the URL of a serialized representation of an applet
vspace pixels This attribute specifies additional vertical space, in pixels, to be reserved above and below the applet
width pixels This attribute specifies in pixels the width that the applet needs

Last updated: Monday 17 Sep, 2018