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DOM HTMLCollection Object

The HTMLCollection Object

The HTMLCollection object represents a generic collection (array-like object similar to arguments) of elements (in document order) and offers methods and properties for selecting from the list.

An HTMLCollection in the HTML DOM is live; it is automatically updated when the underlying document is changed.

Methods like the getElementsByTagName() returns an HTMLCollection.

HTMLCollection Properties and Methods

The following table lists the properties and methods of the HTMLCollection object:

Property / Method Description
item() Returns the element at the specified index in an HTMLCollection
length Returns the number of elements in an HTMLCollection
namedItem() Returns the element with the specified ID, or name, in an HTMLCollection


This example returns an HTMLCollection:

Run code

Change the HTML content of the first <p> element of this document:

Run code

Find out how many <p> elements there are in the document:

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Get the content of the <p> element with ID "demo":

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A shorthand method can also be used, and will produce the same result:

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