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jQuery Properties

Properties of jQuery Object Instances

Each jQuery object created with the jQuery() function contains a number of properties alongside its methods.

These properties allow us to inspect various attributes of the object.

Property Description
context Removed in version 3.0 Contains the original context passed to jQuery()
jquery Contains the jQuery version number
length Contains the number of elements in the jQuery object
selector Deprecated in version 1.7 A selector representing selector passed to jQuery(), if any, when creating the original set

Properties of the Global jQuery Object

These properties are associated with the global jQuery object:

Property Description
jQuery.browser Deprecated in version 1.3 Contains flags for the useragent, read from navigator.userAgent
jQuery.fx.interval Deprecated in version 3.0, and has no effect in browsers that support the requestAnimationFrame method. Change the animation firing rate in milliseconds
jQuery.fx.off Globally disable/enable all animations
jQuery.holdReady() Holds or releases the execution of jQuery’s ready event
jQuery.ready A Promise-like object (or “thenable”) that resolves when the document is ready
jQuery.support Deprecated in version 1.9 A collection of properties representing different browser features or bugs