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jQuery Syntax

jQuery syntax is made by using HTML elements selector and perform some action on the elements.

jQuery basic syntax:

  • $ sign define the jQuery
  • (selector) used to find HTML elements
  • action() used to perform actions on the elements


$(this).hide(): used to hide the current element

$("p").hide(): used to hide all <p> elements

$(".para").hide(): used to hide all elements with class="para"

$("#para").hide(): used to hide the element with id="para"

jQuery uses CSS syntax to select elements. You will learn more about the jQuery selectors in the next chapter.

The Document Ready Event

You might have noticed that all jQuery methods in our examples, are inside a document.ready event:


  // jQuery Method (execute when DOM is ready)


This is to prevent any jQuery code from running before the document is finished loading.

It is good practice to wait for the document to be fully loaded and ready before working with it.

This also allows you to have JavaScript code before the body of your document, in the head section.

Here are some examples of actions that can fail if methods are run before the document is fully loaded:

  • Trying to select an element that is not created yet
  • Trying to get the size of an image that is not loaded yet

The jQuery also has an even shorter method for the document.ready event:


  // jQuery Method


The $(document).ready() is easier to understand when reading the code.

Note: The $(document).ready() is an event that is used to manipulate a page safely with the jQuery (code inside this event will only run once the DOM is ready).