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jQuery - No Conflict Mode

As you already know, jQuery uses the dollar sign ($) as a shortcut or alias for jQuery.

Many JavaScript libraries use $ as a function or variable name, just as jQuery does.

If two different libraries are using the same shortcut, one of them might stop working.

Fortunately, jQuery provides a special $.noConflict() method to deal with such situation.

jQuery $.noConflict() Method

The jQuery $.noConflict() method releases jQuery's control of the $ variable, so that other scripts can use it.

You can of course still use jQuery, simply by writing the full name instead of the shortcut:

Run code

This method can also be used to specify a new custom name for the jQuery variable.

The following example creates a different alias instead of jQuery to use in the rest of the script:

Run code

jQuery Misc Reference

For a complete Misc methods reference, visit our jQuery Misc Reference.