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Bootstrap 4 Progress Bars

A progress bar is used to display the progress of a process. It displays how much of the process is completed and how much is left.

Basic Progress Bar

A Progress bar is built with two HTML elements and some CSS to set the width:

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Example explained:

We use the .progress as a wrapper to indicate the max value of the progress bar.

We use the inner .progress-bar to indicate the progress. The .progress-bar requires custom CSS to set their width.

Progress Bar Labels


Add labels to your progress bars by placing text within the .progress-bar class:

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Progress Bar Height


The height of the progress bar is 16px by default. Set a height value on the .progress to change it.

Note that if we change height value of the .progress, the inner .progress-bar will automatically resize accordingly.

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Progress Bar Backgrounds

Use background utility classes to change the appearance of individual progress bars:

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Multiple Bars

We can even stack multiple progress bars.

Free Space

Place the multiple progress bars into the same .progress to stack them:

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Striped Progress Bars

Add .progress-bar-striped to any .progress-bar to apply a stripe via CSS gradient over the progress bar’s background:

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Animated Stripes

The striped gradient can also be animated.

Add .progress-bar-animated to .progress-bar to animate the stripes right to left via CSS3 animations:

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Changing Progress Bar Value Dynamically

The following example shows how to update the progress of a Bootstrap 4 progress bar dynamically using jQuery:


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