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Bootstrap 4 Modal

The Modal component add dialogs to your site for lightboxes, user notifications, or completely custom content.

Modal is displayed on top of the current page.

How to Create a Modal

The following example shows how to create a basic modal:

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Example explained:

The data-toggle="modal" attribute of the <button> is used to open the modal window.

The data-target="" attribute of the <button> specifies the ID of the modal that you want to load on the page.

The .modal class simply identifying the content of the <div> as a modal window.

The .fade class cause the content to fade in and out.

The role="dialog" attribute improves accessibility for people using screen readers.

The .modal-dialog sets the proper width and margin of the modal window.

The .modal-content styles the modal (border, background-color, etc.).

The .modal-header defines header of the modal window.

The .modal-body defines body of the modal window.

The .modal-footer defines footer of the modal window.

The .close sets style for the close button of the modal window.

The data-dismiss="modal" is used to close the modal window.

Modal Sizes

Modals have three optional sizes, available via modifier classes to be placed on a .modal-dialog.

  • .modal-xl
  • .modal-lg
  • .modal-sm
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Default modal without modifier class constitutes the “medium” size modal.

Scrolling Long Content

When modals become too long for the user's viewport, they scroll independent of the page itself. See the examples below to understand it:

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You can also create a scrollable modal that allows scroll the modal body by adding .modal-dialog-scrollable to .modal-dialog.

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Vertically Centered Modal

Add .modal-dialog-centered to .modal-dialog to vertically center the modal.

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Forms in Modals

You can place any content inside modal. The following example shows how to create a login form in modal.

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Varying Modal Content

If you have a bunch of buttons that all trigger the same modal with slightly different contents, use event.relatedTarget and HTML data-* attributes to vary the contents of the modal depending on which button was clicked.

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Embedding YouTube Videos

Embedding YouTube videos in modals requires additional JavaScript/jQuery.

In this example we have 4 buttons (with "data-video" attribute) that all trigger the same modal with different videos.

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Remove Animation

For modals that simply appear rather than fade in to view, remove the .fade class from your modal markup.

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Change backdrop Color

When modal is open it generates a .modal-backdrop to provide a click area for dismissing shown modals when clicking outside the modal. If you want to have a different color for "backdrop" consider the following example.

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Complete Bootstrap 4 Modal Reference

For a complete reference of all modal options, methods and events, visit our Bootstrap 4 JS Modal Reference.