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Bootstrap 4 Buttons

Button Styles

Anything that is given a class of .btn will inherit the default look of a transparent button with rounded corners.

However, Bootstrap 4 includes several predefined button styles, each serving its own semantic purpose.

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Button Tags

The .btn-* classes are designed to be used with the <button> element. However, you can also use these classes on <a> or <input> elements (though some browsers may apply a slightly different rendering).

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When using button classes on <a> elements that are used to trigger in-page functionality (like collapsing content), rather than linking to new pages or sections within the current page, these links should be given a role="button" to appropriately convey their purpose to assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Outline Buttons

You can also create outline buttons by replacing the button modifier classes with the .btn-outline-* ones.

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Button Sizes

Bootstrap 4 gives you option further to scaling a button up or down.

Add the .btn-lg class for large buttons or .btn-sm class for small buttons.

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Button States

A button can be set to an active (appear pressed) or a disabled (unclickable) state.

Make buttons look active by adding the .active class to any <button> element.

Make buttons look inactive by adding the disabled boolean attribute to any <button> element.

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Note that <a> elements do not support the disabled attribute and must therefore use the .disabled class to make it visually appear disabled.

Block Level Buttons

You can also create block level buttons (buttons that covers the full width of the parent elements) by adding .btn-block class.

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Spinner Buttons

With Bootstrap 4 you can easily include spinner icon in a button to indicate the loading state in your application.

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You can learn more about Bootstrap 4 spinners in our BS4 Spinners Tutorial.