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JavaScript Basic Examples

This page contains some examples of what JavaScript can do.

Note: Don't worry if these examples use methods you have not learned. You will learn about them in the next chapters.

JavaScript can modify HTML content

The getElementById() method returns the element whose ID matches the specified value.

This example uses the method to find an HTML element (id="para") and changes the element content (innerHTML) to "Hello world":

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JavaScript can change HTML Attribute Values

In this example JavaScript changes the value of the src attribute of an <img> tag:

Click the buttons to change the avatar:
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JavaScript can change HTML Styles (CSS)

JavaScript style property can be used to set the inline style of an element.

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JavaScript can Hide HTML Elements

Hiding HTML elements can be done by changing the display style.

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JavaScript can Show HTML Elements

Showing hidden HTML elements can also be done by changing the display style.

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JavaScript can create alert pop-ups

In this example JavaScript creates an alert dialog box.

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JavaScript can attach event handler to the document

In this example JavaScript monitors mouse click event and react to it.

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JavaScript can show Time

In this example JavaScript displays the current time.

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