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CSS Border Image

CSS provide several properties that allows you to specify an image to act as an element's border.

CSS Border Images

This box has an image as its border

We have the following properties to set an image as an element's border:

Note: For border image to work, the element also needs the border property set.


The border-image-source property specifies the location of the image to be used for the border.

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The border-image-slice property divides the image specified by border-image-source in nine regions: four corners, four edges, and a middle. It does this by specifying 4 inwards offsets that typically creates a three by three grid.

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Different slice values completely changes the look of the border:

border-image-slice: 60;

border-image-slice: 45%;

border-image-slice: 15%;


The border-image-width property specifies the width of an element's border-image.

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The border-image-repeat property defines how the edge regions of a source image are adjusted to fit the dimensions of an element's border image.

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The border-image-outset property specifies the amount by which the border image area extends beyond the border box.

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The border-image property is a shorthand that sets all border image properties in a single declaration.

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CSS Border Image properties

Property Description
border-image A shorthand property for setting all the border image properties
border-image-source Specifies the path to the image to be used as a border
border-image-slice Specifies how to slice the border image
border-image-width Specifies the widths of the border image
border-image-outset Specifies the amount by which the border image area extends beyond the border box
border-image-repeat Specifies whether the border image should be repeated, rounded or stretched